Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get Wet: 6 Springtime Watersports-Cooper McKelvey

rating ****

Get Wet: 6 spring time water sports was clear and concise while offering a fair variety of lesser known water related sports. I found this to be very appealing and I might try a couple of them myself!

This article was very intriguing and informative, although it was less traditional and more of a list, I found it to be easy to read and most importantly it was interesting. This article covers six topics: canyoneering, kitesurfing, whitewater kayaking, river surfing, caving, and surfing. this list offers well known sports mixed with newer sports. old or new these are all interesting! This article goes over the risks, brief history, the idea/rules of the sport, and facts on how fun it may be. The article gives the title of the sport, the bio for the sport, and a link to a website for this sport. Very importantly these are all sports that are possible in canada, several in the Canadian Shield. The sports covered offer a variety of skill levels from novice to advanced which I found to be unbiased thus great.

In my opinion this article was easy to read, kept my attention, and had no pointless filler. Regardless of spring time, many of these sports are summer ready aswell. In general I liked it, the only problem I had was that the layout of the website threw me off a bit which was a shame.

Pam Johnson. Get Wet: 6 Springtime Watersports. Explore Magazine. May 9, 2014. Web. May 29, 2014.

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