Saturday, May 31, 2014

Outdoor Resource - Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine (Website)

The ‘Backpacker Magazine’ website is a terrific new resource for all Outdoor Education students and anybody who enjoys the outdoors.

The site has articles that cover a wide variety of topics such as adventure destinations, proper gear, outdoors skills, wilderness survival and more. You can locate great hiking destinations all across the United States and learn skills that are necessary for those trips all on one site. The website has a photos and videos section that include a large variety of media from informative videos to breathtaking views.

This resource would prove to be very useful as a resource for students for many reasons. It includes a large selection of articles that can be used for article assignments. Many of the articles could be quite helpful for many students preparing for an Outdoor Ed. trip, especially the Frontenac Park hiking trip. There are hundreds of recipes that are perfect for backpacking trips as well that can be used for any outdoor trip. The amount of content on the website is stunning, and you can find something new practically every time you visit the site. Each section has even more subsections with many articles that cover pretty much any backpacking trip topic you can imagine. If I had found this website earlier, I would have definitely made use of its content whether it be for my article assignments, or for preparing for a trip.

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