Monday, May 26, 2014

Place Of Wonder - Sea Kayaking In British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands
By Laurie March
Rating: ***

The Queen Charlotte Islands are located on the northwestern coast of British Columbia. They are a coveted spot for kayakers because of their plethora of little coves and islands, along with the Native American landmarks, which make for a wonderful kayaking experience.

The islands are known in the Haidan language as "Place of wonder", because of their natural beauty. Spring is the most highly recommended season to visit, because this is when the weather and wildlife sighting conditions are ideal. Because the island is the breeding ground for three quarters of a million sea birds, the fauna is in abundant. The route is best suited to those who are experienced kayakers, and a guide is also en excellent idea. Kayaking expeditions are the most effective way to thoroughly enjoy the experience, as you are left to explore on your own for a few days, and picked up afterwards.

I found this article very interesting and it was also very inspiring. It encourages you to get out more often, and to discover what nature really has to offer. I would recommend this article to any avid kayaker as an introduction to a potential excursion.

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