Monday, May 26, 2014

The Canadian Canoe Museum
By Laurie March
Rated ***

Canoes are a very important part in Canadian history, and although they are not used actively for transportation anymore, there are still over 2 million Canadians who enjoy paddling. The rich history of canoes can be found in The Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough.

The Canadian Canoe Museum is a place for the whole family where people can explore the vast history of canoes in Canada. There are an abundance of exhibits, both hands-on and those that require reading, where the whole family can enjoy a historic adventure into the contributions of canoes to our nation. Two hours is around the time it takes to a complete a self guided tour of the museum, so it is clear that it is filled with information.

I found this to be a very interesting read because I am very interested in history and I feel that the Canadian Canoe Museum would be a very interesting place to visit. I would recommend this to those who are interested in learning more about the history of canoes in Canada, and who would not mind a trip to Peterborough.

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