Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trees: our life savers are dying

Jim Robbins
Rating: ****
This is a very eye-opening article, explaining how important trees are to our world, yet we are only just beginning to realize this, and it could be too late.

Trees: our life savers are dying is an article about the importance of trees, and how they are rapidly starting to diminish. Due majorly to climate, bugs and fungal diseases are being released, and they are beginning to attack trees, and even wipe out entire forests. Sadly, this is all because of global warming, which is completely in control of humans, yet it is getting way out of hand. This article states that although the warming world is one reason for the rapid death of the trees, humans have "treated the world's trees poorly for centuries" practically taking the trees for granted. Trees should be regarded at as plants that keep us living, since without trees, we would have no world. Something needs to be changes, before it really becomes too late, and all the trees are gone.

This article really had an impact on me, seeing as I wasn't aware that the world’s trees were actually disappearing at such an alarming rate. The fact that the main reason trees are dying is due to a human related problem, really got to me, since it is something that we can fix, yet we chose to just ignore it and put it to the side.

I really recommend this article to anyone, as it truly is eye-opening.   

Robbins, Jim . "Trees: our life savers are dying" July 7th. The guardian. July 7th, 2013 <>.

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