Monday, May 5, 2014

What to do when the water runs out - Craig Macartney

***** Very useful!

A few days is the limit on how long you have survive without water. It’s one of the most important things you need for your body. When you set out on a trip in the outdoors for a few days, one water bottle filled to the top isn’t going to be enough and you’ll run out fast. By knowing simple methods on how to get pure drinking water when you run out can be very useful and could even save your life.

In “What to do when the water runs out” Craig explains four simple techniques on how to find pure drinking water while in the outdoors. His techniques mostly apply to dry and hot weather where you’re not surrounded by a body of water. Also he explains that if you’re out of water you want to avoid a lot of physical activity and that these techniques don’t require a lot of movement.

I find this article could to be very useful towards this class or our future outdoor experiences. Even though on our hiking trips and canoe trips we are always close to water it can help us for the future if we ever attend trips where we aren’t so lucky. By reading this article you can learn how to find/make water by using your surroundings. By knowing these simple techniques it will make me feel more confident and prepared for a worse case scenario.

Macartney, Craig. "What to Do When the Water Runs out." Ottawa Outdoors 2013: n. pag. Web.!pastmagazines/c1diw.

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