Saturday, May 3, 2014

What are Dutch Ovens? – Bethany Moncel

Rating: ****

Knowing that I will have to complete a class cooking assignment with the Dutch cooking oven, I decided to have a better understanding of its values and why it is still a used appliance.

This article explains every single aspect of Dutch cooking perfectly. Topics range from basic history of the Dutch oven to what manufacturers make high quality Dutch ovens. This is a recommended read for anyone who would like to have a better understanding of the Dutch oven.

This article does not have any personal effect on me, but it does help me understand why this tool is still commonly used and its particular benefits. For example its ability to handle a wide range of temperature and how much variety of food can be used with the Dutch oven are two great reasons. The only thought that comes in mind while reading this article is what recipe I will cook for my project.  Now that I know the wide variety of options, the number of possibilities has increased significantly. In this article I learnt everything there was to know on the Dutch oven. The most interesting part however is where the article describes how the cooking appliance handles soups and roasting. This article has inspired me to challenge my limited cooking skills and to cook a unique dish. Although the idea of what that meal I will be cooking has not come to me yet, I am hoping it will be original. This article will not make me change my behavior because besides using this tool to make a meal, it has no other value in my day to day life.

I am much more excited to complete my cooking assignment now that I know the amount of possibilities are so high.  

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