Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What To Do When The Water Runs Out

What To Do When The Water Runs Out

by: Craig Macartney 

rate: ****

In this article you learn ways of getting drinking water, when you run out or don't have any water purification. 

the article teaches you four different ways of purifying water in three seasons. Including a solar still, plastic bag, mobile plastic bag and dew collection. in a solar still, the sunlight heats the air in the hole, evaporating ground moisture which then condenses on the sheet. soon condensation droplets will roll down the sheet and drip into you're container. the plastic bag, you put a pebble in a plastic bag and tie it about a leafy branch, the heat will evaporate the moisture from the leaves, you could also do this on the move, by tying a plastic bag to your pack with the leaves in it it will eventually take the moisture out of leaves. if you don't have a plastic bag or ground sheet, you could collect dew with clothes and suck the water from the clothes, but dew evaporates quickly so it would have to be early. 

This article taught me that there are many different ways of getting water when in desperate need of it. I never thought a plastic bag and leaves could produce water. In the article they talk about how these are ways of getting water in situations where there is no other option. I only knew how to purify water with a fire, and actual purification. Now I know 4 more ways to get water when in the wilderness without any purified water. 

"what to do when the water runs out"-Craig Macartney. 2013. <> 

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