Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Footwear for Canoeing, What to Wear and When - Laurie March

Rating: **

This is a brief, yet informative article about what footwear is ideal to wear when while canoeing and/or portaging.

The article opens up by explaining the importance of footwear while canoeing and portaging. The wrong footwear could result in foot or ankle injuries, as well as getting soaking wet shoes, feet, or socks. The author states that she prefers a sturdy sandal when canoeing. This way you are able to put your feet in the water when getting in/out without fear of soaking your socks or shoes. Splashes and water that gets into your canoe would also have a similar effect. She refers to 'sock' like shoes that are considered water shoes as good alternatives to sandals, as they provide the same effect. However she says it's important to NOT use your canoe shoes/sandals when portaging, as it results in blisters and injuries, and instead you should switch over to more sturdy hiking shoes.

I found this article fairly useful. It was straightforward and brief, and while it provided useful information to beginners, it wasn't suggesting anything out of the ordinary. The author could've used more details and explained her reasoning better. I didn't find this article particularly useful, but someone new to canoeing and portaging might. It was well written, and I felt like it was a good length. Overall, it was an OK article and I would recommend it for anyone just getting into canoeing and looking for advice.

Outdoor Adventure Canada. Footwear For Canoeing. What to Wear and Why. March, Laurie. May 20014.

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