Monday, June 2, 2014

Article 4
Happy Camper: Camping Solo

This Article is a guide on the best way to camp solo and get the most out of it. Kevin talks about his solo camping experiences and what he has noticed and how to deal with the struggles you may face along with the challenges nature puts up. Kevin give great tips and tricks on how to set up an efficient camp site for one man on your own and describes how he usually sets up his campsite to his liking with his arrangement of his tent or hammock , his fire pit and the storage of his food and clothes. He talks about how to deal with the loneliness by bringing along a good book or two and whittling with his spare knife he brings, he just simply explains how you can deal with the loneliness and how to keep yourself occupied. He also explains how to make a certain potion of food depending on your hunger so you wouldn’t have any left over cooked food that you’ll have to bring along  if you’re moving campsites. I think the most important thing he talked about was the safety portion of the planning of the trip, like telling someone you’re master trip plan , making sure you have a well working emergency device (satellite phone) just incase of emergencies, to not over thing and make yourself worried, and by explaining how to plan an escape route.

I have taken may great tips from this article on how to plan a great solo trip and have learned a lot that could be useful if I ever I would go on a solo camp trip.

Author: Kevin Callan
Posted: May 15th 2014

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