Sunday, June 1, 2014

Article Assignment #2

How rare are albino moose? - Joshua Rapp Learn

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How rare are the albino moose? Well, we think there’s only one left.

In this article, Joshua Rapp Learn talks about the rareness of the albino moose and albino animals in general. Most animals aren’t born with the albino gene, although albinism can occur in most animals. The albino moose are located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and some others were spotted in Newfoundland and Alaska. Out of the three known albino moose in Cape Breton, one was shot, the other died naturally, so there is one female remaining.

This article caught my eye because I love animals and I care about preserving them. Here’s another situation where there’s a very low population of a species, in this case we think there may be only one albino moose left. I am still against poaching and hunting endangered species. Animals will die naturally, we don’t need to add to their mortality rate by killing them ourselves.

Just think for a moment if you were that person who made a species extinct. How would you feel?

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