Sunday, June 1, 2014

Article Assignment #1

Alberta’s Grizzlies under threat - Thomas Hall

Rating : ****

Many animals these days get killed when they don’t deserve it.

This article “Alberta’s Grizzlies under threat” talks about the increasing chances of extinction of the grizzly bear. The two most reported situations where the grizzly bears die are car accidents and poaching. A man named Gordon Stenhouse believes that there’s a way to reduce these mortalities. He believes cutting off certain roads while prevent the car accidents and will help prevent poachers approaching the grizzlies. He knows that isn’t an option at the moment, but hopes for people to realize the value of grizzlies and for poachers to leave the bears alone.

I can really relate to this article because I have done projects in the past about endangered species. I believe that it’s a major problem that Canada and the entire world has to fix. The government has to start taking action by severely punishing poachers. When people start to see the awful consequences, hopefully poachers around Canada and globally will stop poaching. You don’t see the animals coming to kill us, so us humans shouldn’t be trying to go kill them. They’re trying to live their lives just like we're trying to lives ours.

Save the bears, save the animals, save the wildlife.

Hall, Thomas. Alberta’s Grizzlies under threat. Canadian Geographic. Wed, Apr 23, 2014. Retrieved from :

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