Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Avalanche Awareness - Jeremy Parker

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Avalanche Awareness - Jeremy Parker
Rating - ***

This article is from a climbing forum that provides very helpful information for those going climbing, looking for climbing equipment, wanting to learn about routes, or even just wanting to read up on the latest climbing news.

    This particular article deals with those going climbing in alpine areas and informs them on the danger of avalanches in these areas. It gives information on the three basic components of an avalanche, terrain, unstable snow, and people, and how to avoid these. It also provides information on the types of avalanches , the five size classes they fall into, and how certain types of snow factor into creating an avalanche. As well as talking about what avalanches are made of, it talks about what kind of slopes they form on; usually 30-45o , and how you can measure this.

    This article hasn’t influenced my past or present behaviour in the intended context, due to the fact that i don’t go rock climbing in alpine areas, but I do ski, and a knowledge of avalanches and how they form is a very valuable thing is advantageous in any winter setting. In the future having read this article could prevent me from unwisely placing myself in a dangerous situation that could be prevented.

Parker, Jeremy. “Avalanche Awareness.” Rockclimbing.com. October 26, 2013. June 1, 2014.

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