Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Safer Bouldering

Article Assignment #3

Safer Bouldering - Jeff Thomson and Marc Bourdon

Rating - ***

This article comes from the Mountain Equipment Co-op website, and teaches valuable information about bouldering and safety concerns that go along with the sport. It begins with the most important piece of information, you must have faith in your spotter. Proper spotting is one of the most important things in bouldering, and also the thing that’s easiest to do wrong. The article continues to give information on spotting, as well as the aesthetics of landing, falling, and joint position.  

    This article has taught me some important lessons on bouldering, which I find very relevant considering we’ve gone bouldering in outdoor ed before. I never used to think much of the spotting, but now I realize it is more necessary than I originally thought.

Source: Thomson, Jeff. Bourdon, Marc. “Safer Bouldering.” MEC. Squamish Bouldering.  June 3, 2014.

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