Monday, June 2, 2014

Best Camp Innovations of All Time

By : Cliff Jacobson and Kevin Callan

Rating: ** of *****

The article "Best Camp Innovations of All Time" is more of an timeline than it is an explanation of good equipment for camping. The article talks about the invention of simple camping equipment such as Therm-a-Rests, Gore-Tex bags, Headlamps and Nalgene Bottles. Although most of the equipment is both common and useful today, the article does little more than tell you when and why these things were invented.

I think that while a little bit of history is good, the article wood have been better over-all if it had compared the quality and prices of different brands as well. While anyone can check the prices by shopping around, its always helpful to get a "professional" opinion about what the best deal is.

Callan, Kevin. Jacobson, Cliff. "Best Camp Innovations of All Time". Family Camping and
      Canoeroots. Summer/Fall 2012 Edition. Pg 36-39.

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