Monday, June 2, 2014

Boy Scouts Skills Put To Test

                                               Boy Scouts Rescue Ann Curry on Hiking Trail
                                                                     Mackenzie Burns
                                                                    Rating: ***

     While 9 boy scouts of America were on a hike in New Jersey in early May they came accross Ann Curry, an NBC journalist. She had been hiking and broke her ankle. The boys stopped and asked her if she needed help and she had said she was going to be okay. The boys would not settle for her answer so they jumped right into action and starting to take care of her broken ankle.

   Seeing as how the boys are trained in different levels of first aid, this was the perfect opportunity for them to be put to the real test in a real situation. The boys were able to stabilize her broken ankle and then realized that she was not going to be able to walk her way out of the trail. The boys took it a step further and used their resources to make a stretcher for Curry. They transported her to a vehicle which they were able to bring her to a hospital for further medical attention.

   This article really shows that the things you are taught are not taught to you just to humour your instructor or teacher at that specific time. They are giving you useful lessons that may not seem that way at the time, but they are useful in the long run. This article was the perfect example where the boys had practiced the procedures in training and then they were able to successfully put their knowledge to work to help someone out when they were in need.

   This is a great ad to really prove to students that, yes, what you are learning can be helpful in the future.

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