Monday, June 2, 2014

The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education

            It can often be a challenge to find a central hub for resources and information on essentially any topic, outdoor education being no exception.  But the NCOAE does a great job of being exactly that and more.  Offering courses, a blog, a high-quality gear store, and other assets.  This association WILL provide.

            Working hand-in-hand with many well-known and resourceful industry associations, like the Outdoor Industry Association and the Wilderness Medical Society (among many others), this association is proven to be very legitimate and high-caliber.  Courses offered include mainly the adventure oriented type, but also are geared towards outdoor skill development.  The courses are offered at different levels and locations within the United States and the ages they are available for range everywhere between grade 8 and well into adulthood.  Aside from regular courses, they also provide the opportunity of training and certifications for all sorts of outdoor education, EMT, wilderness first aid, and leave no trace options.  Their blog is then also very informative, with experiences and stories that go on within their camps and courses, as well as general information on outdoor education that can provide as quite useful knowledge.

            This association looks like a great one to; one, be able to establish connections through if you think you may be interested in the outdoor education world; and two, appears to be a great place to go for any seasoned outdoor education veterans as well.  It is abundant in opportunities without a doubt and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to look into this association if even just to compare to other things and build some foundations of knowledge off of.

The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education.  Information retrieved from: on June 2, 2014.

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