Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brian Skerry: The ocean's glory -- and horror

This Ted talk was said by an underwater photographer for National Geographic. He is speaking about how wonderful and amazing it is under the sea, but people are oblivious to what goes on down there. People are fishing and clubbing and completely wiping out entire species and we don't even realize it. He states that is we left the blue fin tuna alone and didn't fish for hundreds of them a day, instead of the 3 foot tuna we have today, there would be 30 foot tuna swimming around. We are just mass fishing all kinda of species and killing even more in the process. He also explains the different species that we have probably never seen before, like kinds of narwhals and shrimp. 

I enjoyed the Ted talk because it gives you an idea of just how oblivious we are to what we do to the fish and other creatures under the sea. I give this a **** because it was educational as it was amazing to see the pictures he took of all the different species around the world/.

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