Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vernal Confidential

This article explains how most people don't really like spring as much as the other seasons  because of its undecided off-and-on rain and hot and cold weather. But this is also perfect weather if you are someone who enjoys paddling along the St. Lawrence seaway. Because of the rain the water level rises immensely and it makes it a much better paddle. Many people come visit the seaway in this season because of that reason alone. Also with the rain and water level rising, the once brownish coloured water turns to a more clear and purified look. The current takes you down stream thorough creeks and openings to little isles and channels. There are many little towns in the area that you can paddle to and you may choose different directions on the water to take you to different parts of these channels.

I enjoy this article because it gave me an idea of how nice this lake would be to paddle. I give this article a *** because it was a good read, but the area is no where near here which is too bad. I would suggest this article to anyone who enjoys to paddle and just be out on the water.

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