Monday, June 2, 2014

Canada's worst weather

Canada's Worst Weather
Siobhan McClelland

This article can be very interesting as it talks about Canadian history something we should all know and love.
This article from Canadian geographic talks about Canada’s worst storms in history, From Calgary’s ice storm in 2010 to the ice storm of 98. This article is a great length not to long to boor the reader but not to short to leave the reader wondering. There are ten of the worst storms in history and for each the author gives a brief explanation of why this storm in particular was so bad.

This article had affected me quite bit, as I didn’t even realize that I was born during one of the worst storms, the ice storm of 98. Not only that but the city I wanted to move to when I graduate from university has had some of the worst storms. It really makes you think about your decisions. It made me think about my generation, I’ve been alive for 9 out of the ten worst storms, is this a coincidence or are humans changing the weather systems through global warming. If a storm was to hit right now I wouldn’t be ready, as I thought major storms didn’t happen as much any more however I was wrong they are more frequent now than ever. I’m looking forward to looking into why large storms are more frequent.

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