Monday, June 2, 2014

Article 1

The Happy Camper


Hiking trips can be a fun adventure to take on, but having an over weight heavy pack filled with things you may not even use and just add extra weight can take the fun out of it.


This article talks about many things you can do to reduce the weight of your backpack on a hiking trip so you can move faster with less stuff in your bag to weight you down while your on your set path.


In the first half the writer talks about his “must have” items such as snacks, sleeping essentials, and cooking materials and explaining how to compress them in you pack to create less bulk in your bag and to make sure you have all the essentials you need for your trip and still have some extra room in your bag. During the last half of the article he also talks about how to use your camp gear in multiple functions (with extra shoes you can shove your snacks inside of them to take up less room) and how to determine whether or not any luxury items are worth the weight to carry along with you.


This article has given me many great tips about how to make the most of the space I have in my pack when im on a trip.


author: Kevin Callan

posted: May 26th 2014

magazine: Explore


-Jake Daigle

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