Friday, June 6, 2014

canoe camping and your dog

Camping with your dog
Rating **** out of *****

Bringing your dog canoeing is on of the greatest things you can do with you dog. The dog get to enjoy the nature and not have to worry about house rules. You might be scared to take your dog in a canoe because you will think he will jump out or make the canoe unbalanced. You would be surprised. As long as you have trained your dog to sit and stay itwill be fine. Dogs are very calm in canoes. There's is noting thay can really spoke them. There are some things that you should and shouldn't do. Don't spend to long on the sun they feel more heat then you. Make sure your dog give to the "washroom" before he gets in the canoe . Bring a leash just incase something does spook your dog. Never tie your dog in the boat! Bring a thermarest so your dog can be comfortable as well as you.make sure you pan your trip so you are able to take your dog with you.
If you can follow these steps you will have no trouble bringing your dog on your next camping trip

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