Friday, June 6, 2014

Duct Tape.. Bring it camping!!!

Bring you duct tape camping

Rating *** out of *****

Duct tape. One of if not the most useful things to have when you are camping. Duct tape can fix anything from a broken shoe to first aid. Lots of things can happen when you are camping. Your canoe or kayak can run into a rock and boom there's a hole and you're sinking what are you going to do? I know!! Fix it with duct tape. But what about if your paddle breaks?  Easy to sticks to brace it then wrap it with your trusty duct tape. Not only can duct tape fix your caone you can make it more comfortable by padding the seat or padding where you kneel. now that's a lot but you can do more than just fix and outfit your caone you can fix holes in shoes, shoes and tents. You can even use it to help but up your tarp. So always remebr to bring duct tape before you leave camping. It may save your life.

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