Friday, June 6, 2014

canoe vs kayak

Canoe vs kayak
Rating ** out of *****

A debate has been going on for some time. Canoes or kayaks which are better?
Both are great but one is better at certain thins while the other has its own specialty.kayaks which are better for just paddling and mobility while canoes are great for long trips that go through portages and rough terrain. For our class caones work a lot better since we can fit all your equipment and 2 to 3 people.  While if we had kayaks we wouldn't be able to carry as much equipment and definitely not any extra people in the middle. Personally I prefer kayaking because it has a bit more mobility and some places I can go that caones can't fit but caones and kayaks, one is not better than the other but one may be more useful in different situations. So remember to choose wisely but also take into consideration which one you have more fun with.

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