Friday, June 6, 2014

Matthew Childs’ 9 Life Lessons
from Rock Climbing

Ted Talks

Rating:            ***

Rock climbing is a physical and mental exercise that requires focus and balance.

The TED Talks video Matthew Childs’ 9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing, is Matthew Childs, an experienced rock climber, listing 9 important lessons he’s learned from his years of rock climbing.  The presentation is a bullet point with image slide show done in a short but specific format. The nine lessons he learned are: Don’t let go; Hesitation is bad; Have a plan; Move is the end; Know how to rest; Fear sucks; Opposites are good; Strength doesn’t equal Success; and Know how to let go.

I think it was a well explained presentation as to why he chose those 9 lessons. It was a humorous presentation that helped me pay attention to the points and made me relate more to what he was saying.  

At first I found the lessons simple because they seemed obvious but then the way he explained it showed why it was important. His lessons gave me things to think about if ever I rock climb again.

Ted Talks
February 2009

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