Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fleeting Dreams

Fleeting Dreams

by: Kevin Vallely

rate: ****

A man with a dream, an obsession. Gets more then he bargained for when he and his expedition partner experience bad weather that only gets worse.

Kevin Vallely and David McKee planned this three day trip for six years. Now the clock is ticking and they are running out of time to get home. In the article Kevin and David are both in a rush to get home. While Kevin has a baby soon to be born and David wishes to bid farewell to a close friend, they need to get home and the weather isn't helping. After a 36 hour delay cause by heavy rain, Kevin and David are finally able to continue their travel. But with difficulty seeing as the wind is now blowing the snow everywhere, giving them very little clarity in their vision. Giving them a very hard journey.

Reading about their journey has taught me that in order to take a trip like the one Kevin and David took, you need to plan it at the right time. making sure you know what weather is supposed to be like, and being prepared for any possible weather outbreaks. planning a trip is one of the main components of going on any type of trip, whether its canoeing, camping, hiking or any other type of trip. In order to have a fun and safe trip you need to make sure you know what you're getting in to. Its all apart of risk management. Making sure you know the risk, including the weather is what will keep you safe and ensure you have a fun and memorable trip.

"Fleeting Dreams"- Kevin Vallely. November/December 2005. <Outpost Magazine>


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