Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Definitive Camping Food Planner - Outdoor Ed Resource

The Definitive Camping Food Planner

Rating: *****

            This resource is easily one of the most useful sites when planning a trip. It creates a menu for you based on a number of customizable variables. For example, items will change based on how many people are on the trip, how long the trip is, who wants coffee or tea, and many other factors. After entering all of the required information, the site creates a menu for your trip, complete with suggestions for meals. The finished menu is fully customizable for preference or allergy issues, and gives great suggestions for other options. Not only does the site do all of the aforementioned, you also are given loads of information about your finished menu, such as what you'll need to bring, how much each person will need to carry, how many calories each person will consume each day, etc.

            This site is very well made and very useful. There is loads of in-depth information, including how to prepare each meal and all the required ingredients. If this site were to be introduced into the outdoor ed classroom, new campers (especially 10th graders) could use this site to their advantage, and have it plan out a menu easily for them. This could let them focus on other elements of the trip, like equipment. I have given this site such a high rating because of its sheer use. It absolutely should be considered as a new resource for the outdoor ed room.

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P.S. Mr. Brouwer, you should seriously check out this site. It's pretty amazing.

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