Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get Hooked on Nature: Ben Klasky at TEDxRainier

TED Talk

Rating: **** of *****

In this TED Talk, Ben Klasky talks about the physical and mental health benefits of being outside. He talks about schools that have cut back on the length of recess, and other schools that have completely gotten rid of it. He states the facts, in numbers, about increased obesity, increased ADHD, and the average time that kids today spend in front of a screen (which by the way is 7.4 hours.... a DAY). Klasky's talk is definitely geared more towards parents than to educators, but the idea is the same. Kid's need to spend time outside being active.

During the TED Talk, Klasky kept people listening by telling stories of kids he has met who overcame depression and anxiety by spending time outdoors. He also spoke of a rebellious high school student who was forced to join the environmental club, but came to love the ativities he did there. Klasky made a joke about the commercials that people should make to promote outdoor activity, saying that they would probably have to put a warning about all the good "side-effects".

All in all, the video was a good talk about, as parents, getting your kids outside, even if its a simple task like gardening.

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