Wednesday, June 4, 2014

5 basic survival skills

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This article tells you about the 5 basic survival skills that could/will come in handy.

Fire, Shelter, Signaling, Food/Water, and First Aid are the 5 basic survival skills. Fire can purify your water, cook your food , keep you warm, give you light and signal for help. A shelter will protect you from the weather such as snow, rain, sun, wind and the cold. Signaling will help you get rescued if you end up getting lost. You can use rocks, colourful clothing, lights, or even the smoke from your fire. Food/Water will obviously be the main ingredient into keeping you alive so you have to make sure to eat in portions. First Aid will supply you with your basic medical needs that should hold you off till you are rescued.

This article has given me more insight on what i will need to be able to go out in the wilderness and have a chance of survival.  It has given me answers to basic questions on how to survive in the wilderness survival and has given me important tips for what to pack. Some things i should look out for and bring that will keep me safe.

James Aufleger

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