Sunday, June 8, 2014

Get Hooked on Nature

Rating ****
The ted talk “Get hooked on nature” is an educational video which describes the benefits that simply going outdoors can have on people and the amount of time kids in modern day society spend outdoors.

Ben Klasky explains how the outdoors benefit a person both mentally and physically by allowing your body to get exercise, generate vitamin D, lets you experience new things and in many cases, enhances your overall ability to learn by putting you out of your comfort zone. Klasky shares with us the shocking evidence that kids these days are only spending an average of one hour per day outside while spending over seven hours in front of a screen. He then continues to expand on how parents can use technology to get their kids outside using such activities as geo cashing. Klasky encourages parents to use  these types of technologies to get their kids outside which is as he describes it a real world remedy to some of the toughest health problems that exist including obesity, heart disease and even cancer.

I enjoyed this ted talk as it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that the outdoors can offer. It made me realize that we as a society are letting technology overcome us when we could cooperate with technology to better enhance the experience that the world offers us.

Klasky, Ben. "Get Hooked on Nature." Ted Talks. TEDxRainier, Seatle. 9 Nov. 2013. Youtube. Web. <>.

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