Sunday, June 8, 2014

Canadian Geographic Website

Rating:  ****

            The Canadian Geographic website is an informative, educational and colorful (lots of pictures) website to plan and learn about pretty well anything.  The website has the following side bar categories:  home, magazine, atlas, mapping, travel magazine, photo club, CG education, kids, blog, CG calendars, and the ability to donate.  Under each category, there are many more different sections.  The various groupings the website covers are:

  • Wifelife
  • Science and Technology
  • Travel and Adventure
  • History
  • People and Society
  • Environment
  • Mapping
  • Exploration
  • Education
  • Photography
  • Energy
  • Polor Blog
  • Product Reviews
  • SG Community
  • Contests
  • Canadian Geographic for Kids
  • The Society

This website could benefit the class because it has so much useful information, a lot of it about the outdoors, adventures and trips.  If somebody needs to look something up for a test or maybe even plan their own trip, this website would help. The magazine has been around and available for many, many years.  It is now also available in electronic format and through their website.  You can subscribe and get all of their editions through the mail or email.   The website is even on facebook and twitter.  Canadian Geographic Magazine | Canadian Geographic Travel Magazine
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