Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grub N Gear Meal Planner - Resource

                                             Outdoor Resource - Grub N Gear Meal Planner
                                                                     Mackenzie Burns

                                                                  Rating: *****

          This resource is extremely helpful when planning a trip no matter what the size of the group. This website gives you a complete meal plan for your trip by filling in specific information. When deciding how to make your meal plan it asks you for details about your group and if there are any specific needs that the meal plan should tend to. Depending on the length of your trip and any dietary restrictions at the end of the information you give it will provide you with a full meal plan including a grocery list with amounts on it.

       This website is extremely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone planning a trip. This resource helped me while completing my summative because I was able to make a meal plan that would satisfy the needs of my campers. I rated this resource a five out of five because of how helpful it is and because it gives you healthy options for your trip.

Meal Plan was made with help by "Your Camping Trip Details." Your Camping Trip Details. Web. 08 June 2014. <http://www.grub-n-gear.ca/catalog/menu7.php>.

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