Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hiking Trip Reflection                  Derek Bird

At the start of the hiking trip I was feeling very excited, though I was very tired after the first hike I was also anxious to set of the tent and start fishing, though that was short lived due to the fact that Mr. Brouwer has the fishing license and he left all the fisherman at one camp site and went to the next camp site. During the entirety of the trip I was restless because all of the rain that we have been receiving and also cold because I did not pack enough sweaters or pants, but in the end I am happy that I went along because it was a fun experience.

During the trip I learned lots of valuable information that will help me in future trips. I enjoyed the time I had to spend with my friends in the woods and the feeling of being closer to nature, the thing I enjoyed the least was the weather conditions during the trip, the non-stop rain was highly irritating and was the reason I could not sleep because we had lots of water inside of the tent.

All of the groups got along well and helped each other when it was needed. In the end i had lots of fun with the other groups as well as my own. I did not get to all of the things I wanted to see such as lots of wildlife but I did get to see my first beavers and was attacked by a mouse.

If I had to choose whether or not I would do it again the answer would be a definite yes due to all the memories I got from the first trip, I want more memories and experiences like those.

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