Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to get lost for 4 days & live
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This article gives us advice on what to do if you find yourself in an extreme survival situation. It tells you how to make a plan so that you can survive for a few days on as little as possible (assuming that people know where you are, and will come and find you in a few days time). It also links to a DIY survival kit article, and assumes that you will have this with you. It explains that your priorities in this situation are (in this order): Plan; calm down, assess your situation and set your priorities. Fire; with temps dropping and your flashlight batteries dying, you’re going to need the heat and light. Water; you may have a shelter and tons of wood but without drinking water, these things have no value. Shelter; if the weather turns, you want something to help keep you dry, as well as help conserve heat from your fire. Food; although being the last priority, without energy you will not being able to complete tasks. It explains at each step exactly what you should be doing, and why you're doing it in this order.
From this article, I have learned how to prepare for a possibly dangerous situation. If I were to be put in a survival situation now, I would have in mind the steps from this article, which would help me a great deal. This article has also made me consider going into a survival situation on purpose, to have this experience and learn how to survive off of so little. I found this article very informative and interesting. Also, the reason we take “Outdoor Ed” is to learn survival situates and explore the wilderness preparing us for the worse. I strongly recommend everyone to read this article as it tremendously relates to this course.
Kylie, Aaron. "How to Get Lost for 4 Days & Live." Outdoor Canada RSS.  30 June 2009. Web. 07 June 2014.

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