Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ted Talks-
Ray Zahab: My trek to the South Pole

Ray Zahab completed a trek to the south pole in just under 34 days. This isn’t something easy to complete and he talks about his adventure of how almost nothing is impossible if you’re set out to achieve it. His expedition broke the world record for the fastest time to reach the south pole with no skis and while pulling a 170 pound sled behind his back. He has been training for a while to do this trek and realised there is so much more to life and an actual reason to this kinds of things rather than the “just because”. Also, after his 131 day run across the Sahara desert is when he realised there is a purpose to all of this and truly realized the water crisis in Africa that affect children. This raised money and awareness to the people who suffer water shortages. This is why he trekked to the South Pole, he collected money for kid’s environmental education. Prior to the journey he created a website where people, mostly children, could following him and his teammates during their expedition. Ray switched his lifestyle of being a heavy smoker into a long distance runner and survivor. This is all about the motivation, inspiration, and mental will.
He is trying to get the message across to the younger that they can accomplish anything they want. He was 40 years old when he discovered nothing impossible. Imagine what a person in their teens can learn. Even though there might be minor setbacks in your life let nothing stop even if it might be the impossible.
Zahab, Ray. "My Trek to the South Pole." Ted. Feb. 2009. Web. 07 June 2014.

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