Sunday, June 1, 2014

Introduction to White Water Kayaking - James Roddick - Article Assignment #4

Introduction to White Water Kayaking - James Roddick

Rating: ****

This article informs, teaches, and answers all your questions about getting into white water kayaking. It was very enjoyable and you will feel prepared to head out to the river after just a quick read.

From techniques to a gear checklist, this article has got you covered. The author really lets you know about how available this great sport is to us, especially in the Ottawa area, and then prepares you to start looking for equipment and instruction. Although the sport is great fun, the water can be dangerous with all the currents, as you’ll never really know what is under you in the rapids. Safety precautions and techniques are also provided in the article. The author obviously has experience and is encouraging people of all ages to take advantage of the amazing rivers and lakes in the region.

As a regular kayaker, this excited me. It showed me that i will not really need much more than instruction to get out and enjoy the rapids. It has always been something I have wanted to do and this read motivated me to look into instruction. As much as I love paddling on a hot summer night listening to the bugs and birds, I think hearing the roaring rapids would be a much more exciting way to experience the beautiful rivers that we have free access to.

Roddick. James.”Introduction to White Water Kayaking” Ottawa. 2011.

By Tristan Allaire

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