Sunday, June 1, 2014

TED Talk: How to Air Condition Outdoor Spaces - By Wolfgang Kessling
Rating: ****

In this TED talk, Wolfgang Kessling talks about how he plans to put to use an innovative way to cool outdoor spaces so that the 2022 Football World Cup may be held in the hot arabian country of Qatar.

Kessling explains that the past world cup stadiums, as well as many other football stadiums around the world have not taken into account the comfortability of the air. It seems to be overlooked, as most stadiums simply use the heat to advantage and make spectators pay more for shaded seats. Why do this when there is easy and effective ways to cool these open-air stadiums so that spectators, as well as players can enjoy the game to it’s full potential. He explains what causes the uncomfortability for most outdoor events held in places of hot climates and explains how this may be counteracted using tubes of cold water and strategic shading to reflect cool, dry air towards the stands and field. This system is proven to be effective and efficient.

I thought this concept was really cool and has amazing potential. I know how uncomfortable outdoor events like concerts can be in the summer heat. I think I would pay more for a concert knowing that I can be comfortable throughout and not in need of water bottles the whole time.

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