Wednesday, June 11, 2014

 Why Kayak Fishing beats boat fishing
This article is written in the prospective of a kayak fisher who i believe has some good arguments why kayak fishing is ultimately better than any motor boat fishing. Firstly and most importantly, kayaks make close to no noise when paddling in calm water. You can get much closer to the fish and in smaller and more confined water without the fish even knowing you're there. When kayak fishing you must stick your feet in the water to add more stability for when you get a hit, you don't tip right upside down. Many people would think it would be much easier to fish out of a boat, but that I'm afraid isn't true. Boats you have to cast blankly into the water because the boat can't get too close to shore, while kayaks can get into any area in the water easily and you can see where you are casting must easier as well. Another reason kayak fishing is more beneficial is because of the obvious reason that it is just so much cheaper.  
In my eyes, being able to paddle to more areas of the water, for cheaper, AND more bites than usual? that sounds like a solid plan to me. I would recommend this article to anyone who enjoys just paddling and being out on the water to a fellow fisherman. I give this a rating of ***** as it was education and pretty interesting on how to kayak fish properly. 

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