Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Tips for better Boating

This article was just informing the boating community on how to stay safe while boating in the evenings and during the day. The writer talks about being prepared before you go out boating with your family and make sure that you know the water, like you know the direction of the current and you are aware of the wake that the other boats around you are creating, and that you have your boating liscence, etc…
They also mention general common knowledge safety tips like make sure that the boat is well equipped with a first aid kit , flare, and paddles , make sure that everyone has a life jacket on, and do not boat under the influence (BUI).

This article talked mostly about things that I already knew but also gave me better ideas and made me more cautious about when I prep to go boating with family or friends.

Author: Sara Chappel


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