Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kayak Fishing With The Kids

                                                       Kayak Fishing With The Kids 
                                                               Mackenzie Burns 
                                                                  Rating: ** 

         Kayak fishing is another fun way to get your kids out of the house and enjoying the outdoors is cool new ways. In this article, a father of young kids gives his advice on what to use and what to do when taking your child kayak fishing to keep them happy and having fun. 

        The father suggests having a Malibu Extreme kayak with a Gator Hatch in it so that you and your child can both sit comfortably facing each other. He makes sure to remind readers to wear life jackets for safety reasons. He has suggestions for snacks and potty break plans for a day on the water. To keep his child happy he makes sure to have sunscreen, bug spray and snacks that are considered to be treats for him! 

   The reasoning behind my low rating is simply because this article isn't great for young readers but more geared towards adults with young children who are looking for new ways to explore the outdoors.

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