Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Even the Committed Need to Recommit

Even the Committed Need to Recommit

by Kathleen Trotter

Rating: ****

This article is a good read for anyone who finds themselves losing motivation to go out and be active.

The article begins by saying that if you have already started an exercise regimen, it is much easier to continue since you have established a habit and you know how good it feels. However, if you lose motivation you must remind yourself why you started in the first place. If you are staring to exercise, it's important to not keep putting it off and to start right away. If you feel guilty about not exercising, don't worry about it and learn from your experience and move on. Most people feel a lot better after exercising, which is good motivation to start exercising. If you are lacking motivation to start your exercise regimen, try the 10 minute rule. if you are telling yourself that you don't want to exercise, do it for 10 minutes and if you still don't feel like exercising then at least you tried. Usually if you have completed 10 minutes, you will want to finish the workout.

I liked this article because it really talked about how I feel towards exercising. I try to exercise a lot, but sometimes I don't exercise enough because the motivation just isn't there. A lot of the stuff said in the article really relates to me. When I don't exercise enough, I feel guilty about not exercising but I keep making excuses as to why I shouldn't exercise right away. Or, I'll keep putting it off and telling myself that I'll exercise the next day but I don't. Next time I don't feel like exercising, I think I'll try the 10 minute rule and see if it works. This article provided me with good information about why people might not feel motivated, and how to control the motivation in order to get more motivated.

I would recommend this article to anyone finding themselves losing motivation to exercise, or to those who are trying to find the motivation to exercise. It has good information on why people feel this way, and how to overcome it.

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