Monday, June 9, 2014

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Footwear for Canoeing What to Wear and When- Laurie March Rating: *** Footwear is very important for any excursion. It’s always good to know what to wear for every situation so that you are always comfortable. This article outlines the best footwear options for canoers in different situations. The author who is an avid and experienced canoer says that the best footwear option for canoeing is a pair of sturdy well made sandals. Sandals are water proof and comfortable. Although she says that they are dangerous for portaging and in her experience she has hurt her ankles and toes while portaging in sandals. A solution to this is to wear your hiking boots for portaging especially over more rough terrain and carrying sandals in your pack. Another good footwear option for canoeing is the aqua sock which is made of wet suit material. This article has helped decide on the best footwear choices for canoeing. It has made me think of good footwear solutions for other activities as well. I now know what to do on the canoeing trip!   Day Hiking Essentials Things to bring along on your adventure-Laurie March Rating: ***** This article gives valuable information about the essentials that one needs on a day hike. This article was well written and very useful. The first and most important thing to bring on a hike is water. It’s easy to become dehydrated especially on a hot day. The author recommends that you bring ½ a litre of water for each hour you’re hiking but of course this varies depending on the person and the hike. The author then out lines what clothing to wear on a hike. It says layered clothing is very important; you should wear a water proof outer shell, a fleece, and an inner layer of regular clothing. This changes according to the season but is good for spring and fall. Other essentials that the author talks about are a map, compass, and well equipped first aid kit. The author also says it is very important to bring lots of snacks and food for lunch to stay fueled for the hike. Some examples of healthy snacks are dried fruit, and veggie sticks. This article has given me a lot useful information that I can use for day hikes. I do not usually go on many long hikes but I plan to start this year and this article has given me a good idea of what I will need. This article has inspired me to start preparing for hikes this summer and to get my parents into hiking also so we can go as a family. Now I’ll be properly prepared for my next hike! Tips on Surviving in the Wilderness-Elizabeth Smith Rating: ***** This is a very well written article on how to survive in a survival situation. This article was broken down into 5 subheadings which are the 5 most important parts of surviving in the wilderness. The first subheading is “Know Before You Go”. This subheading is about how planning is very important and the best ways to save yourself start before you leave home. You should always tell people where you’re going and know the layout of the area where you’re going like the highways and rivers. The next subheading is “Stabilize injuries”. This says that the first thing you should do when you find yourself in a survival situation is treat wounds. The third subheading is “Build a Fire and Shelter”. You will need a fire and shelter to stay warm and keep animals away. The fourth subheading is “Find water”. This parts talks about different ways to find water as hydration is a very important part of survival. The last subheading is “Plan Rationally”. This paragraph says that if you are close to your planned travel route and you know family or friends are looking for you then you should stay in one spot and build a large smoky fire and if you are far from your planned area then you should plan the best route to find civilization. I have learned a lot from this article on how to survive in the wild and I think I will be better off and more prepared when I go on trips now. I learned that it is important to have a positive and rational mind set and I’ve learned the key parts of survival. This article has definitely opened my eyes to the importance of planning ahead for a trip as well.  

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