Monday, June 16, 2014

Nature's winter SURVIVAL KIT

By: Stephania Varalli
Rating ***

In this article it explains the yes's and no's of the natural vitamins to keep you healthy in the winter. The first yes would be Vitamin D. We don't normally take vitamin D because we absorb it from the sun, but in the winter we tent to have less days of sun and more cloudy days. This deficiency has been linked to many health issues that experts say that it would be worth adding to your daily routine. The second yes would be ginseng. Ginseng is one of the main ingredients in COLD-FX but is better to be taken as a preventative to colds. It has been proven that people who take this have a lower chance of getting colds and if they do have symptoms for a shorter time. Turmeric is also a preventative but for many illness, it was first used in India and is now a sufficiently proven remedy. It also tastes good. Soap is the ultimate preventative measure. Properly washing you hands is the easiest to prevent spreading illness. If soap is not available hand sanitizer is a good second option. Vitamin C and oil of oregano are maybes to use. Both are widely used but nether are scientifically proven to work. The one to not use would be echinacea, it has been concluded that it is more of a “don't wast your money” remedy.
This article is helpful to those that don't like using artificial medication when sick. I like the fact that most of these are preventatives so I can protect myself against these sicknesses before they occur. The article also takes about different season and different country’s where they would be more beneficial, this helps anyone traveling. I also like how they used science to back up if they were prevent to be good or not because this gives me more trust in the remedy.

Stephania Varalli/ Nature's winter SURVIVAL KIT/ Montreal, Quebec/ St├ęphane Corbil/ 2012/ magazine

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