Monday, June 16, 2014

Quebec City: Host of the First Official ITU Winter Triathlon

by: Bryen Dunn
Rate: ***

This article is talking about the first winter triathlon. A winter triathlon consists of a 5K snowshoe followed by a 12K speed skate and finished with an 8K ski. The first ever winter triathlon event will be held on the 10th anniversary of the pentathlon des neige. There will be a paratriathlon category which will consist of concept-snowshoe, luge-skating and skiing. The coordinators anticipate to have between 300 – 500 people in attendance. It then goes on to discuss the qualifications of the elite races. The goal of the ITU is to have the winter triathlon adopted in the Winter Olympics. They explain how the event is attracting world attention for Olympic athletes from similar disciplines who are coming to try the triathlon out.
This article gives people who already love winter a new think to try. As for me I would not enjoy doing this as a race as I'm not the fastest person at any of the three disciplines, but I do know some winter enthusiast that would really enjoy this kind of race. This is a concept people can also take to do on there own and enjoy, as well as planing for a winter camp activity if the equipment is available (maybe not the full distance though). The 25K thing doesn’t sound like fun but a shorter race might be enjoyable for me.

Bryen Dunn/ Quebec City: Host of the First Official ITU Winter Triathlon/ Saint-Lambert, Quebec/ St├ęphane Corbil/ 2013/ magazine

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