Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nobody’s River: What to Pack for a 4,400km Kayaking Expedition in Siberia - Article Assignment #1

Nobody’s River: What to Pack for a 4,400km Kayaking Expedition in Siberia
Rating: ***

If the title doesn’t already make it sound amazing, then imagine what it would be like to live out of a medium sized expedition pack and a kayak for two entire months. The idea seems incredibly fun.

A 4,400 kilometer kayak trip in remote Siberian rivers sounds amazing. Literally no civilization for hundreds of kilometers in every direction, and just the thought of having fun and taking in everything you see. However, packing for this trip could be incredibly difficult. The group knows they will need top-of-the-line, lightweight and compact gear as they will be using one pack throughout their kayak and jeep ride through Siberia. The fact that they do not want to compromise in terms of being able to document the expedition adds to the challenge. Just a few items that will help photograph the trip could take up half their bags. It is amazing to read through the detailed list of gear they provide.

As I know from experience in this class, it’s tough enough to pack for a 3-day trip, never mind two months. It seems like you could spend two months prior to the trip shopping and getting your pack to the ideal weight and size for the trip. On top of that, the experience you would need going into this trip is incredible. Siberia is vast and probably not the easiest place to find food in, but it is a necessary skill for this expedition. I thought it was really cool to know that trips like that are a possibility in my future because of the gear that is available today.

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