Sunday, June 1, 2014

Outdoor and Improvised Shelters

Rating: *

This subpar article falls short of what is promised, with a title that states “outdoor and improvised shelters”, but concentrates on tents.

The beginning of the article explains the importances of a shelter and the benefits gained from using one. It then goes over what you should look out for in the terrain while building a shelter, suggesting that a car or plane are the best options. Next, it explains the requirements, like the way it should face, shape, and how tents are a good option. Then it tells the reader about transporting your shelter, and how, again, tents are a good option. Since tents come up so much, the article explains the different types of tents and why they are so ideal. Finally it gives a short guide, with minimal detail on building a simple sapling shelter.

This article, if anything, has taught me to bring a tent everywhere I go, as it is obviously the optimal shelter in a survival situation. Other than that, this article will not be very helpful to anyone who wants to learn how to make an improvised shelter. Although, it does teach you how to make a basic shelter, it does it very poorly. There are no pictures to use as reference, and it basically says to put a tarp over a sapling frame. All in all, this article has definitely not taught me anything new, and I would not recommend it to anyone looking to learn about shelters.

Sweeney, Michael. "Outdoor and Improvised Shelters" National Geographic. National Geographic. 1 Jun. 2014

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