Sunday, June 1, 2014

Article Assignment #4

The Evolution of Mountain Goats - Siobhan McClelland

Rating : ****

Who thought you could learn so much about something in such a small article.

In the article “The Evolution of Mountain Goats”, Siobhan McClelland talks about a man named Aaron Shafer, who won the 2013 Distinguished Dissertation Award for his research of the North American mountain goat. Aaron wondered how the mountain goats managed to survive the glacier movement. With the help of a friend, he investigated a story about Russian sailors seeing what they thought to be white deer, but really it was white goats. Aaron plans to continue research of mountain goats for the rest of his career.

This article has taught me that if you really want to achieve something, you can get it done. Not just for research, but for anything you want to do, if you’re really committed, you can get things done.One man with some help a of a friend has collected pieces of the story and made the masterpiece. There was no history on the mountain goat before Aaron’s work. I find it’s cool learn about uncommon animals.

Whatever the case is, strive to achieve your dreams. It’s good for yourself and our world.

McClelland, Siobhan. The Evolution of Mountain Goats. Canadian Geographic. Oct, 2013. Retreived from :

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