Wednesday, June 11, 2014

              Pennsylvania teen mauled by black bear while hunting, survives
An 18 year old girl Camille Bomboy was out hunting in Lock haven Pennsylvania tracking deer with her step father. She was crouched in the bush and without knowing she was in an unsafe proximity from a mother bear and her cubs. The bear charged at her swiping and biting at her face. Her step father scared the bear off by firing his rifle off in the air a couple times. She was in critical condition and the reports say her face was mangled from only a short attack. She made a swift recovery and was able to gain her confidence to go back out and continue her love from hunting.

 Despite the fact this is a vulgar article choice I found it informing and good that peple should know that not everything is nice and fun in the wilderness. I give this article a ***. I recommend this article to any hunters or interested in survival.

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