Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ted Talk: Why Did I Ski To The North Pole?
Ben Saunders
Rate: ****
This Ted Talk was truly inspiring and it clearly demonstrates courage and bravery it takes to put your body through this kind of situation in that kind of weather.

This Ted Talk was about a young man named Ben Saunders who decided to ski to the North Pole by himself. During his adventure he took pictures, videos etc… and post them on a blog during his travels. Was Ben really wanted to do on his journey was explore human limits, physiology, sociology and technology and to prove that humans have much more things to explore and do then just sit around a house.

Personally, I really liked this video and it had changed my attitude about life in general. He is truly inspiring and he has really made me think about what are my physical limits, and what I am willing to put myself through. He inspires me to try something new and achieve goals I would have never thought imagined.    

Saunders, Ben. “Why Did I Ski To The North Pole?.” Ted. October. 2006. Web. <>

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