Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wilderness Survival Foods
By Jason Knight
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Personally, I found this article to be very interesting because if you run out of food in the wilderness, you know what food is safe to eat and what to avoid.

This article is about what foods you can eat in the wilderness in order to survive if you are stuck and run out of food. In the article he includes common foods that come from plants such as acorns, cattails and leafs etc… He also includes other common animal food such as fish, birds and small animals.

This article has really made me think about the fact that people do get lost in the wilderness and they do have to eat leafs and kill animals in order to survive. I could never imagine myself killing an animal but in that circumstance I would have to. At least now since I have read this article I will know what to eat and what not to.

Knight, Jason. “Wilderness Survival Foods.” Alderleaf Wilderness College. N.p., N.d. Web.

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